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Description AWP.PUBZONE.RO # AWP ONLY 128 Tick
RO: ARENA.PUBZONE.RO - Modul Multi 1v1 este un mod care te scapa oricand de plictiseala, serverul muta jucatorii in formatie de 1vs1 pe aceasi harta in acelasi timp impartindu-se in mai multe arene. Recomandam acest server tuturor jucatorilor care doresc o actiunea intensa fara timp de asteptare atunci cand vine vorba de o incalizre sau practice de skill. Preferintele armelor poate fi definita prin comanda !guns scrisa in chat.
EN: This Server sets up 2+ players in separate 1v1 arenas, when all the arenas are done fighting, the winners move up an arena and the losers move down an arena., AWP.PUBZONE.RO # AWP ONLY 128 Tick Forum, Admin list, server info,Admin List, unban, vip.

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